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Perfect for kids aged 6-17

Inspired by our Design a Spriggy Card Competition

We were blown away by the number of amazing indigenous designs created by kids. Their creativity inspired us to find an Indigenous Australian artist to bring our new card designs to life.
Meet the Artist

Leah Cummins

Leah Cummins is the owner of Bunya Designs and a proud Mayi (Mayi-Kulan from the Mayi-speaking tribes of Northwestern Queensland) and Kalkadoon woman. She has lived all her life on country, drawing inspiration from her surroundings and the strong women in her life. Her art focuses on female empowerment and stories, reflecting her deep love for her country and her people.
The Cards

Spriggy x Bunya Designs

Country in colour

Our country is far and wide, full of colours and life. We pay respect to the land by celebrating all the colours of the land. The land is cared for and loved by many, we must care for and protect it.

A little journey

A little journey is a celebration of our communities connected by land and waterways. The waterways that provide water, the mountains that guide us home and the communities and people who are part of the journey.
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Perfect for kids aged 6-17