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How to use Spriggy?

What is Spriggy?

Spriggy is a prepaid card and mobile app for 8-18 year olds that helps parents and young people manage money together. The Spriggy app allows parents to easily allocate money to their kids, add money to their child's prepaid card and encourage saving through savings goals. Young people can use their prepaid card to make purchases online or in-store wherever Visa is accepted, while parents can follow transactions in the app. The rich feature set of the Spriggy app is built in conjunction with The Parent Wallet and Prepaid Card products, which are issued by Indue Ltd.

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Is Spriggy safe?

Yes. We take safety and security very seriously and have built Spriggy with your family’s protection front of mind. Once your money is loaded onto Spriggy, it is held by an Authorised Deposit-taking Institution, Indue Ltd (ABN 97 087 822 464). In addition, Spriggy never stores your payment details. All payments are processed by IntegraPay Pty Ltd (ABN 63 135 196 397) who maintain PCI DSS Level 1 compliance, the highest level of certification for handling card payments and information. Finally, your family’s information is stored with enterprise-level RSA encryption and we never sell information to third parties.

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How does Spriggy help teach financial education?

Spriggy helps teach kids about money by giving them responsibility and accountability for their spending and savings decisions. We adults all know that healthy money habits depend on being able to make effective compromises between earning, saving and spending. Kids are very good at nagging us for a few extra dollars and deep down all we want to do is put a smile on their face. That makes it all too easy to keep giving out cash continuously or putting down our credit card without our kids ever learning the reality that money doesn’t just grow on trees. Spriggy provides an easy way for parents to keep kids accountable for what they spend and let them learn for themselves the value of giving up something they want today, for something they
want tomorrow.

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How much does Spriggy cost?

Spriggy costs $30 per card per year. You can try Spriggy for free for a one month trial at no charge and extend that by inviting other friends through our referral program. There are two extra fees just in case fine print is your sort of thing - a $10 card replacement fee for lost or stolen cards and a 3.5% surcharge on any foreign currency transactions. That’s it, no other tricks and traps. If you’d like to stick with Spriggy after your 30-day free trial, that’s all you’ll ever pay.

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Why is there a cost to Spriggy?

All prepaid cards cost money to provide and are quite a bit more than you might think. Some providers swallow the cost on the promise that they can convert customers into high margin products like credit cards and home loans, where they make their real money. We’re not about that at Spriggy. Our research shows that effective financial education requires daily activity and our cards are the best tool on the block. To continue improving our service and provide it sustainably, we need to cover our costs. Fortunately, at $30 a year, we’re still able to pack a lot in, and we’re only just getting started. Keep checking in to see what new features we’ve added since you last visited.

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What do I need to join Spriggy?

Young people need to be aged between 8-18 to be issued a Spriggy card. To use the Spriggy app, families need access to an Apple device operating iOS9.0 or above or an Android Device operating Android 4.4 or above. In addition, parents also need:

  • An email address
  • A Australian mobile number
  • An Australian debit card or bank account from which to load funds to the Spriggy Parent Wallet

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Why is there an age limit on the cards?

We would love to bring Spriggy to families with kids of all ages, but regulations governing privacy, financial products and our partner institutions inhibit our ability to do this. At Spriggy we take our regulatory responsibilities very seriously. That said, regulations change as technology changes and popular support accumulates, so if you feel you’d like Spriggy for your family, but can’t because of the age restrictions, let us know at

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How is this different to a debit card linked to deposit account?

Spriggy is based around a prepaid card, not a deposit account (also commonly known as a bank account). Debit cards are ordinarily linked to a deposit account.

To open a deposit account, you'll need to go down to the branch, with you and your kids’ ID, wait in line and fill out several forms. With Spriggy, application is completely online and only takes a few minutes. There's $30 of your time saved already!

Spriggy also comes with a custom built mobile app designed especially for families and the way they manage money, including the ability to lock the card instantaneously, manage multiple kids under one simple login and create and contribute to savings goals chosen by the kids themselves. There's a lot of features to come to help parents teach kids about money.

The app also helps us make spending and saving safer for younger people by giving parents better visibility on their activity. For this reason, we can offer Visa cards to kids as young as 8 while most banks will only offer cards to a minimum age of 14.

Finally, Spriggy is free to trial for the first month, so feel free to signup and if it's not for you and your family, you can close your account without any fees.

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How is a prepaid card different to a credit card?

You’d be glad to know that Spriggy cards are not linked to any credit card or borrowed funds of any kind. Children can only spend the funds already loaded onto their cards through the app. Once the card balance reaches zero, money needs to be added to the prepaid card before it can be used to make another purchase.

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Can the cards be used overseas?

Your kids can use their Spriggy card anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted. Do be careful though, there is a 3.5% surcharge on all foreign currency transactions.

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What do we do if the card is lost or stolen?

Kids lose things, it’s inevitable. First things first, go ahead and lock the card in the app by navigating to the “Spend” tab in the child profile and tapping “Manage”. Once the card is locked, your funds are safe as the card cannot be used to make purchases while in the locked state.

If you find the card, that’s great! You can unlock your child’s card from the same screen in the app and get right back to using Spriggy as if it never happened. If it turns out the card has been stolen, or lost for good then drop us a line on any one of our channels -, web or in-app chat, or by FB message and we’ll organise for a replacement to be sent out to you.

Be careful though, replacement for lost or stolen cards cost $10.

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Who is behind Spriggy?

Spriggy is a technology startup not affiliated with any bank. Spriggy builds and maintains all user experience and customer service and collaborates with licenced and certified service providers to handle the payments and card issuing parts of the business. Our team came together on the belief that the key to a happy lifelong relationship with money is education. If we could build a piece of technology that could help parents do a better job of teaching their kids about money, then we could dramatically reduce the prevalence of financial stress in later life. Our goal is to make kids’ financial education easier than ever for Australian parents and along the way, help a generation of young Australians grow up feeling happier about money. If you’d like to do more to help Spriggy in it’s goal, drop us a line at and say hello - we’re always looking for more hands to help in our mission.

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I received an invite code for Spriggy, how do I use it?

You can claim your promotion or discount by including your invite code in the designated field in the Spriggy signup form. Your promotion or discount will be automatically applied to your account.

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Do you share my information with anyone?

When you’re dealing with kids personal and financial information, there’s no such thing as too careful. Spriggy never sells your family’s personal information and only shares your information securely with the third parties that are required to deliver the Spriggy service. For full details on Spriggy’s approach to securing your personal information, please consult Spriggy’s Privacy Policy available here.

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Why do you need my child’s information?

Spriggy collects the minimum amount of information necessary to provide the Spriggy service. Our collection is limited to the first and last name required to print a personalised card for the child, and their birthday, which is required for Visa’s payment security method known as Verified by Visa. Spriggy stores your child’s information with enterprise-level RSA encryption and never sells information to third parties.

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Are my linked account details safe?

Spriggy understands that protecting your linked account details is a very serious responsibility. As such, Spriggy uses a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant service provider to store and handle all linked account details - we never store card details ourselves. The ability to make top-ups is only available under the parent login, which is protected by an additional password layer, and is limited to a maximum of $1000.

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Spriggy’s great, but my child doesn’t really like the card design, do you have others?

At this stage, there is only one Spriggy card design available. We’ve spoken to enough kids in our time to know that’s never going to fly long-term so we’re busy working on alternative designs and eagerly looking forward to providing some exciting new choices in the near future.

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How does Spriggy work?

Spriggy is different than the garden variety bank account most Australians are familiar with. Financial product technicalities aside, Spriggy has a number of features especially made for families and helping parents teach kids about money. You (the parent) add funds to Spriggy through the app via a linked bank account or debit card. When funds arrive, they first go to the Parent Wallet. Parents can then move funds from the Parent Wallet to any of the kids’ cards, savings goals or pocket money.

  • Parent Wallet - A place in the app where funds are only visible to the parent and not immediately spendable by the kids.
  • Cards - This money is visible to the child and immediately spendable.
  • Savings goals - This money is visible to the child, but won’t be spendable until the child reaches the savings goal.
  • Pocket money - This is a little bit like each individual child’s wallet; it is up to the child to decide whether they wish to transfer it to their card for immediate spending, or to a specific savings goal for one day in the future.

Check out the questions below for more information on how each of these parts of Spriggy work.

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What is the Parent Wallet?

The Parent Wallet is the first place your funds arrive after you initiate a top-up in the app from your linked bank account or debit card. Money in your Parent Wallet is only visible to the parent - the kids’ logins don’t have access to it.

There are two reasons why Spriggy has a Parent Wallet. The first is the time that money takes to move between financial institutions in Australia - transactions usually take several business days to settle. The funds will take that long to be available in the Parent Wallet, but once they are there, transfers to the card, savings goal or pocket money will be instantaneous. If your child finishes a chore, for example, and you want to pay them pocket money, as long as you have a balance sitting in the Parent Wallet, you can transfer as much as you like straight away for your child to control, rather than waiting a few days for it to appear.

The second reason is that the Parent Wallet gives you control over where the money is distributed - the card, a savings goal, or to pocket money. This feature allows you to encourage smart saving decisions for your child by having them weigh up whether they want the money now or in the future.

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What does “Pocket Money” mean in Spriggy and how does it work?

Pocket Money has a special meaning in Spriggy. It is both the scheduled payment from Parent Wallet to child that we remember from our childhoods and the electronic location where money is stored for children before they make a choice on whether to save or spend. As a Parent, for one-off transfers to your children, you can choose to transfer it to any one of three locations: their card (where it is immediately spendable), their savings goals or their pocket money (where it is not immediately spendable). For scheduled pocket money payments setup within the app, funds always go to their Pocket Money.

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Why do regular Pocket Money payments not go straight onto the card?

The structure of how money flows in Spriggy is based on a significant body of research we’ve conducted here at Spriggy HQ. As adults all of the money we earn from work goes straight into our bank accounts where it's immediately spendable. We wanted to create it so that when kids get paid their money, it would go to a place where they had to make a conscious decision of their own on whether to save or spend the money, encouraging them to consider the two options equally.

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What are savings goals and how do they work?

Savings goals are one of the most important features of Spriggy. We give your children the power to set up their own goals and start saving money towards the things they really want. Kids can add money to a savings goal from their own pocket money or parents can add funds directly from the Parent Wallet. Money can only move from a savings goal once your child reaches the goal’s target amount or when a goal is deleted. When it reaches the target amount, the money can be moved to the card, and when a goal is deleted, the funds go back to where they came from (if the money came from the Parent Wallet, it goes back to the Parent Wallet, so no cheeky tricks to get money for a goal and then spend it on something else). You can edit a savings goal at any time by tapping on its image from the “Savings” tab of the child view.

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How do my kids use the cards?

Spriggy cards work both online and in-store like any other Visa card. In-store you can use the cards with PayWave or by inserting the cards and selecting CREDIT. For insert transactions and PayWave transactions over $100 your kids will need to know their card’s PIN number, which you are prompted to set during the initial activation of the cards. If you’ve forgotten your PIN or skipped the initial setup, you can reset the PIN at any time from within the app by heading to the child’s “Spend” tab, tapping “Manage” and following the prompts.

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What should I tell my kids about how Spriggy works?

Explaining how Spriggy works to your kids is a big part of the financial education experience for families. Smart spending and saving is one thing, but if the tools are forever foreign, healthy habits will remain out of reach. We suggest the first place to start is showing your child how the card works in-store by completing the first transaction together. There’s nothing more disheartening than loading your kids’ cards up, sending them out into the world only for them to miss out on lunch with their friends because they didn’t know to press CREDIT instead of SAVINGS. After that, the app’s your oyster, slowly introducing concepts of how pocket money works and how savings goals work.

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How long does it take to receive my cards?

Spriggy cards can take up to 10 days to reach your letter box from the moment that you signup (although should arrive much faster). If you haven’t received your cards after 10 days, let us know at, via the chat channels on the website or in the app.

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I received my cards, what do I do now?

Great news! To get started, download the Spriggy app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and login with the email and password that you signed up with. Upon your first login you’ll be prompted to confirm your mobile number and shown your family’s setup task list, including setting up a payment method, activating your cards and setting up your child’s logins. As you complete items in your setup task last, you’ll see your progress percentage on the Account page start rising. When you’re at 100%, you’re all done and you’re ready to start using Spriggy.

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Why can't I login?

As a parent, you can login to the Spriggy app with the email and password you entered when signing up on the Spriggy website. You can also substitute your mobile phone number for your email address as your username. It can take up to 24 hours from when you first signup for your login credentials to become active. If more than 24 hours has passed since you signed up, and your login credentials still aren’t working, try resetting your password by tapping the Forgot Password link on the login screen. Enter your email or mobile in the next field and follow the prompts in the email you receive. If you can’t get a reset password sent to you through the app, then please let us know at or via the chat box on the website and we’ll jump in and do our best to help you out.

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My mobile number is incorrect, how can I change it?

If you’re not receiving an SMS when prompted, or the last three digits of the number receiving the SMS appear to be incorrect, let us know at or contact us via the chat channel on the website and we can help get you going by fixing your mobile number.

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How do I add money onto Spriggy cards?

To add money onto your kids’ Spriggy cards, you first need to topup your Spriggy Parent Wallet. You can do this from in the app by linking an external debit card or bank account to your Spriggy account. To add or update your linked debit card or bank account, navigate to the “Account” screen, tap Payment Details and follow the prompts. Once you have successfully updated your Payment Details, you can then initiate a top-up from the transfer screen accessible from the Parent Wallet icon at the bottom of the Family Home screen. Just tap “Top Up” and follow the prompts. Remember, at this stage, it can take up to 5 business days for funds to arrive in your Parent Wallet after you initiate a top-up in the app.

Once you’ve got funds in your Parent Wallet, getting money to your children’s cards is a snap. Just tap the Parent Wallet icon at the bottom of the Family Home screen and select the card to which you wish to transfer the funds as the “To” account. Funds transferred from the Parent Wallet to any other location in Spriggy should settle within 60 seconds. Once you can see the positive balance on the child’s card, either from the Family Home screen or the child’s “Spend” view, the funds are available to spend in-store or online.

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How long do Parent Wallet top ups take to process?

At this stage top ups can take up to 5 business days to arrive in the Parent Wallet from the moment you initiate them in the app. We have already found that this time delay can be one of the most challenging parts for the families using Spriggy. As a result, we’re working on a new top up system that should substantially improve settlement times, down to a couple of days in the short term and then couple of hours for debit card top ups in the long-term. Thank you so much for your patience in the meantime. We promise we’ll keep improving Spriggy all the time and this issue is our #1 priority!

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Can I use a credit card to top up my Parent Wallet?

At this stage no, you cannot use a credit card to top up your Parent Wallet. Only debit cards or bank accounts are accepted to transfer money into Spriggy. If you would like to be able to use a credit card to top up your Spriggy account, let us know at - the most popular requests are what we will build first!

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Are you able to add money at any physical locations like stores or the Post Office?

At this stage, no, it is not possible to add funds to Spriggy by any other means than direct debit initiated from within the app using a debit card or bank account. That said, if adding money via physical locations is important to you and your family, let us know at If it’s one of the most popular requests, we’ll build it!

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How do I activate my family’s cards?

You can activate your family’s cards from within the app. You’ll be prompted to do this in the Setup task list shown to you when you first start the app, but if you download the app before you have the cards, you can activate the card at any time from the child “Spend” screen accessible from the Family Home screen. After tapping “Activate Card”, just follow the prompts. Remember, a card must be active to add funds to it and make purchases, so make sure to activate your kids’ cards as soon as the kids have opened their envelopes.

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Does my child have a different Spriggy app?

Yes and no. It's the same app, but when a parent logs into their account they see a different set of screens than their child. Namely the parent sees the Parent Wallet where they control the amount of money they send to their child. When a child logs into their account they can see their pocket money schedule, their card and their savings goals, but they can't see the Parent Wallet.

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How do I setup my children’s logins?

You’ll be prompted to setup your child logins in the setup task list presented to you when you first login to that app. If you happened to miss that opportunity or you would like to change your children’s username and password in the future, you can do so at any time from the Child Profile screen on the parent login (accessible by tapping the child’s image from the Family Home screen and then selecting the Profile tab from the bottom right of the screen).

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My kids don't have their own phone, what do I do?

Many of our families get by just fine with a shared family tablet. But even if you don’t have any spare devices for the kids, you can still use Spriggy without dedicated devices for the kids. You can perform all of the child’s actions from the parent login including setting up savings goals and allocating pocket money between the card and savings goals.

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How can I add extra children to Spriggy?

If you have already signed up to Spriggy and need to add extra children to your account, send us a message at or contact us via the chat channel on the website or in the app. Let us know the names of the kids you’d like to add and we’ll get cards sent out for our newest Spriggy cardholders straight away.

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I have more than four children, how can I add extra children?

At this stage, adding more than four children requires an update to your account from the friendly team over here at Spriggy HQ. If you have more than four children, sign up your family with four of your children and then drop us a line at or contact us via the chat channel on the website with the names of the kids you’d like to add and we’ll help you get the whole family up and running from our side.

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My child’s card is not working, what do I do?

If you or your child has attempted a transaction in-store or online that was unexpectedly declined, there are a number of things you can check to ensure that your next transaction will be successful:

  • Is the card activated? You can quickly check this from the Family Home screen of the app. Select the child you’re looking for from the carousel at the top of screen and look at the gold-coloured “Spriggy Card” bar in the table below. If the heading says “Not Activated”, you’ll need to activate the card before being able to add funds.
  • Does the card have sufficient funds? This might seem like an obvious one, but it always pays to d ouble check. For example, sometimes pre-authorisations from online vendors may temporarily reduce the available funds on an account beyond the value of recent purchases. It’s also worth remembering that sometimes internal transfers between locations in the Spriggy app (i.e. Parent Wallet to Spriggy Card), can take up 60 seconds to complete, sometimes getting in the way of a successful transactions. If you are ever need to check the available balance on a card you can always do so from within the app.
  • Are the funds on the card and not still in Pocket Money?Only funds that are on the Spriggy Card are spendable in-store and online. While you may have paid Pocket Money to your child, those funds can’t be spent until they’ve been transferred to the card, either by the parent or the child. You can quickly check if this is the cause from the Family Home screen. If the Pocket Money balance is sufficient for the purchase, but the Card balance is not, this might be your issue. You can easily transfer funds from Pocket Money to card using the transfer screen accessible by tapping the Parent Wallet icon at the bottom of the Family Home screen. This transfer will be complete within 60 seconds and you’re good to go!
  • Is the card locked? Both parents and kids are able to lock the card within the app. Sometimes it happens that a card is locked and the lock is forgotten before attempting to make a new purchase. You can check the card lock status at any time from the Family Home screen. If the heading of the gold-coloured “Spriggy Card” bar says “Locked” then the card must be unlocked before it can be used to spend.
  • Is the card being used correctly at the in-store terminal? It’s definitely worth double checking that the card is being used correctly in-store. For full instructions on how to use the card in-store, check out the FAQ “How do my kids use the cards?”

If you’ve checked all of the above and you’re still experiencing unexpected declined transactions please let us know at or drop us a line on the website or in-app chats. Unexpected declined transactions are some of the worst possible things to happen with Spriggy and we want to do everything we can to make sure no child has to go through that kind of experience. Whatever we can do to help, we’re there.

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Can I withdraw cash from my Spriggy card?

It is not possible to withdraw cash from a Spriggy Card, either via ATM or cash-out from a point-of-sale terminal. This is one we debate a lot at Spriggy. The majority of our families prefer that Spriggy is limited to electronic payments only, so that parents can keep track of where kids’ are spending. That said, we also hear from many parents that they would like a way for kids to be able to withdraw cash to pay for expenses where cards are not accepted. We’d love to hear what you think - if you’d like ATM withdrawals enabled, drop us a line at or via chat on the website or app and let us know what you prefer.

One useful method that many of our families employ to give kids cash is transferring Pocket Money back to the Parent Wallet via the transfer screen in exchange for cash from Mum or Dad. This can help provide for the occasional cash expense while simultaneously avoiding the trouble, fees and minimums of ATMs.

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Can I withdraw money from the Parent Wallet?

There is no function within the app to withdraw money from the Parent Wallet. If you need to transfer money out of the Parent Wallet you can either send us a quick email to or let us know via chat on the website or app.

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I received a rejected Pocket Money email, what do I do?

When there are insufficient funds in your Parent Wallet to make a scheduled Pocket Money payment, we’ll send you an email to let you know the payment was unsuccessful. To ensure future scheduled Pocket Money payments proceed successfully, you’ll need to top up your Parent Wallet from the transfer screen in the app. Failed payments are not reattempted, but after you have topped up your Parent Wallet you can always head into the app and make a one-off payment to your child’s Pocket Money or Spriggy Card.

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Does my Parent Wallet automatically top up when I’m running low on funds?

At this stage, there is no way to set your Parent Wallet to automatically top up when running low on funds. That said, we are currently developing this feature and expect to have it available as an option soon - stay tuned!

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How can I check the balance on my child’s card?

You can check the balance on your kids’ cards at any time through the app. Login and head to the Family Home screen and swipe to select the child from the carousel at the top. You can then quickly see their balance in the gold-coloured section labelled Spriggy Card.

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How is my balance calculated?

The balance displayed represents the funds available on the card to spend at that time. This is a dynamic number affected by transfers that add money to the card and transactions that spend money off of it. It can take up to 60 seconds from when a transfer occurs or a transaction is completed for the balance to update. Balances can also be affected by pre-authorisations. For more information on pre-authorisations, please consult the FAQ “Why is there a $0.01 cent transaction on my child’s card from an online merchant?”

If you are at any stage unsure of your balance, return to your Family Home screen, then tap gold-coloured section labelled “Spriggy Card” to see the child’s “Spend” tab and view an updated balance. If after waiting 60 seconds for all recent transactions to be processed, you still believe that your balance is incorrect, please do let us know, either by email at or via chat on the website of in-app.

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How can I see the history of my child’s spending?

You can see a full history of your kids spending in the app. From the Parent Home, select the child you’d like to look at from the carousel at the top and then tap the gold-coloured “Spriggy Card” bar to enter the child’s “Spend” screen. Here you can see a full list of recent transactions on your child’s card.

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Why aren't all my transactions showing?

While balances will generally update within 60 seconds of a transaction or transfer, the transaction detail for a transaction may not appear for up to 48 hours after the transaction occurs. As a result the balance of the card may temporarily not equal the sum of all transactions. The balance is always the most up-to-date indicator of the funds available to spend on the card.

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Why are some of my transactions showing as “pending” and what does that mean?

It is common practice in the Australian payment system for in-store and online transactions to take place in two parts. The first is called an authorisation where the funds are reserved on the card to stop them being spent elsewhere, while the second is the financial settlement of the transaction where the two underlying banks actually exchange the funds of the transaction. For our everyday purposes, a transaction is done after the first step, however the underlying banks do not provide the full description of a transaction until the second step is complete. To account for this, Spriggy shows authorised, but unsettled transactions as “Pending” until the the underlying banks tell us that the second leg of the transaction is complete and give us the full description.

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Why is there a $0.01 cent transaction on my child’s card from an online merchant?

Sometimes online merchants like Apple, Google, eBay, Amazon, etc. will bill a small extra charge ranging from a single $0.01 to multiple charges of $1.00 before an online purchase. This is called a pre-authorisation and is commonly used across all Visa cards as a method for the merchant to test whether the card is working, valid and not reported lost or stolen. While pre-authorisations may temporarily lower the balance on a card, they are almost always refunded within a week and will eventually disappear from your transaction list.

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Do I need to set a PIN for my family’s cards?

PIN numbers are required for any transaction over $100 and many insert transactions under $100. It’s always a good idea for parents to set their children’s PINs before sending them out into the world with their Spriggy Card, just in case they get stuck at a merchant that requires it. We’ll prompt you to set a PIN when you activate the cards but if you happen to skip that step, you can always reset the PIN on your kids’ cards at any time following the instructions below in the FAQ “How do I change the PIN for my child’s card?”

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How do I change the PIN for my child’s card?

Select the child for whom you wish to set the PIN from the carousel at the top of the Family Home screen. The tap the gold-coloured “Spriggy Card” bar to enter the “Spend” tab of the child’s view. Then tap "Manage" at the top right, and then "Change Pin". You'll be prompted to re-enter your password, and then you'll be able to change the PIN to your child’s card.

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How do you lock the card?

You can lock the card from the same screen that you set the PIN. Starting from the Family Home screen, select the child for whom you wish to lock the card from the carousel. Then tap the gold-coloured “Spriggy Card” bar to enter the “Spend” tab of the child’s view. Then tap "Manage" at the top right, and you’ll see there’s a switch on that screen that allows you to lock the card. You can unlock the card at any time afterwards, by returning to the screen and toggling the switch off.

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Can I login to Spriggy on two devices?

Yes, absolutely! There are no restrictictions to logging in on multiple devices.

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Try Spriggy for free

The first month is on us, then just $30 per card per year