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Is Spriggy a bank?
Is Spriggy a debit or credit card?
Where can my kids use their Spriggy Cards?

Using Spriggy

How does Spriggy help kids learn about money?
How old do my kids need to be to use Spriggy?
Do my kids need their own phone to use Spriggy?
What is my Parent Wallet?


Is Spriggy safe?
What are merchant restrictions?
How do I know where my kids are using their Spriggy cards?


Why does Spriggy have a membership fee?
Is there a cancellation fee?
What happens when I add children to my membership?
What happens when I remove children from my membership?
I was paying $30 per child for my Spriggy membership,
how will I be charged now?
I was paying $60 for my Spriggy family membership,
how will I be charged now?

SPRK mode

Are SPRK mode cards a debit or credit card?
How is SPRK mode different from Spriggy?
Is SPRK mode safe?
Can my younger kids use SPRK mode?
How much does SPRK mode cost?
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Nearly 80% of Spriggy parents surveyed agree, Spriggy makes their kids better with money1

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