$30 per card,
per year

That’s just $2.50 per month!

  • Personalised prepaid card

  • Instant loading and easy allowance

  • Learn through savings goals

  • And much more...


Simple, transparent pricing

We only charge for these things

Spriggy app annual subscription fee

$30 per card per year

Replace lost or stolen card


Overseas purchases using prepaid card

3.5% of purchase price

Why does Spriggy cost money?

We’ve worked hard to keep Spriggy as affordable as possible. Providing a prepaid card with all of Spriggy’s unique features incurs costs that we need to recoup to be sustainable. We work hard to make sure our service is worth every dollar you pay and more. But don’t take our word for it - try it out for free! If you’re not happy after 30 days you can cancel Spriggy at absolutely no charge, and we will return your funds to you in accordance with the product terms and conditions.

Spriggy prepaid card

Minimum age eligible


Personalised card in your child's name

Online & in-store purchases

Contactless payments

Instant transfers on to prepaid cards

View your child's transactions in-app

Separate logins for parents and children

Lock, unlock and replace card from phone

Visual savings goals

Pocket money manager

Incredibly cute pigs

Pin protected access

Try Spriggy for free

The first month is on us, then just $30 per card per year