Jodie: Kid 1 (12), Kid 2 (15)

Why I use Spriggy with my family

We had started pocket money weekly, but ended up forgetting to pay, and the kids just spent what they earned anyway, so it wasn't very successful. Before Spriggy, we didn't give them regular pocket money as we didn't always have the cash in hand, or we forgot. Now it’s easy to transfer and set up regular payments, so it doesn't get forgotten.

What I love most

The convenience of being able to transfer money if your child was not with you and needed assistance, or I needed something if they were at the local shops. As a working Mum, I could just text the kids to get milk on the way home from school, for example, and then transfer the money back to them when I got home. Now that they are getting a bit older, it also gives them added responsibility.

Spriggy is helping

They can see the savings and balance on the app and realise that you have to work for things, it just doesn't get bought by Mum and Dad all the time. It gives them the ability to have a savings goal, which is a life skill they will need for the future. Also realising that once they have spent all their funds, there is no money left to get what they want. For example, they spend all their money on a playstation game, but then a really cool new app comes out, they have to wait until they save enough again from pocket money to then buy the app. They are learning that life isn't always instant gratification. It has definitely helped them understand money a bit better, although it can 'burn a hole in their pocket' as they can see the funds on the card and find a way to spend it. It is improving over time, and it is a good start for them learning about money. Before Christmas my 12 year old decided he wanted to buy everyone in the family a present with his own money. He set a budget for each and went shopping and picked out everything himself. I was very proud of his attitude and he felt really good in himself for giving.

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