Jane: Kid 1 (10), Kid 2 (12), Kid 3 (15)

Why I use Spriggy with my family

The kids were always borrowing my card for eftpos and paywave. I loved that I could see where they were spending and that there is a scheduled top-up for pocket money as I always forget. Kids can see their balance and appreciate how much things cost. The kids keep the card in the back of their mobile phone case and always have access to money. They can call me if in a pickle and I can transfer more onto their card immediately.

What I love most

Love the scheduled top ups as it means I can set and forget.

Spriggy is helping

When they have put part of their pocket money into the saving area - it is good to see them get satisfaction watching it grow. The freedom that Spriggy has given the kids is terrific. It gives me a huge amount of security knowing they have money if the need arises. They also can monitor how much they are spending. It has created independence, awareness of personal expenditure and is easy for me as a parent.

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