Claire: Jayda (14), Dayna (8)

Why I use Spriggy with my family

I used to explain the importance of understanding and respecting money to get what you want in life. However, I really needed a good way for Jayda to see her money and move it around to suit her goals herself. I can follow but she has control once the money is with her. I can watch how she is learning through her spending patterns. And, it’s easy for emergencies to make cash available to her if need be.

What I love most

The parent wallet. Safe way to keep the cash but drop it in if it’s needed urgently, very clever tool.

Spriggy is helping

It’s a very user friendly way of us seeing our kids learn and save their own money and spend wisely. We can chat and compare notes if either of us is confused about anything. She has learned spriggy won’t even give her an extra $0.20 - if it’s gone it’s gone. And she can track her spend soon after she has spent. This has made her very conscious of how much she has and coming home with some.

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