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Our 12 yr old son has learnt to save, manage and spend his money wisely. Gone are the days of “can I have?”.. Now he understands the cost of things, he picks what he really wants and realises what he actually doesn’t.

Spriggy Mum, 6/1/2021

No more lost money.  If the card is misplaced the card can be temporarily locked by the parent/s and funds in the account can be moved back into parent account.

Spriggy Dad, 9/1/2021

No more digging for change. Easy automatic payments. And with the Spriggy card on Apple Pay it’s safe and easy for them to use when they want to buy something. Highly recommended.

Spriggy Dad, 2/5/2021

Prepaid card and app for kids, under your control

Prepaid card and app for kids, under your control

Spriggy is the fun way for your kids to start managing their own money, while giving you complete visibility over their spending and saving.

Your kids will have all the tools they need to learn smart money habits for their future.

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How it works

For kids

With their own app and card, your kids will gain real-life experience and learn smart money habits for their future.

For parents

The Parent app is your control center. You get complete visibility over spend activity, can set up pocket money, jobs, and goals.



Set up jobs or regular pocket money payments so they can become familiar with having an 'income'.

'Love the idea of my kids earning money to go on their cards.'

Sandy, Spriggy Mum

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Your kids can set up custom savings goals in-app they can track their progress and save up for things they really want.

‘Great way to get the kids helping around the house and teaches them to save.’

Spriggy Mum

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Your kids can spend both instore and online, because seriously... who uses cash anymore?

We’ll also send you real-time notifications after each transaction.

‘Really handy. I can see exactly what my kids are buying.’

Claire, Spriggy Mum

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Your kids can choose their favourite card

Connect your mobile or watch to use Apple Pay™ or Google Pay™.

Peace of mind at your fingertips


Don’t worry, your kids can’t buy from places they shouldn’t.

Lock cards

Instantly lock and unlock your card anywhere, any time.


Spriggy is prepaid, your kids can only spend what’s on their card.

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