How to Make Chores Fun (So Your Kids Actually Do Them)


Getting kids to do their chores can sometimes feel like a battle. Sometimes you win, sometimes the kids prevail, and you're left wondering how you ended up doing what you'd asked them to do. 

But all is not lost… there's a 3-letter hack to getting kids off their behinds and on the job. 


That's right. When it's fun, it feels less like work, and kids are far more motivated to do their chores. Here are some ideas about how you can add a dash of fun to proceedings. 

Create a chores playlist

Kids love to move and groove. of the kids' favourite songs and make cleaning a dance party. Dishwasher disco, anyone?

Do a lucky dip

Pop a bunch of different chores into a hat. Let your kids pick and see what they get! Throw in a few surprises such as a 'no chores day' or 'do one of your siblings' chores' to keep it interesting. 

Turn it into a scavenger hunt

Create a list of items that need to be found or tasks that need to be completed, and challenge your child to complete the list as quickly as possible.

Make it competitive

Throw in a bit of healthy competition. Give your kids a time limit, see who does it faster, keep score or throw them a fun challenge. Reward their efforts and wins with creative 'prizes', such as a treat, a gold star, extra playtime, etc. Turning chores into a game keeps it fun and exciting for your kids.

Throw in some incentives

Not all chores need to be paid but consider adding incentives to specific tasks to make them more enticing. Rewards could be some bonus pocket money, a special privilege, or something meaningful to your kids. 

Get creative

Add some surprising jobs to their list, such as reading, exercising or doing a random act of kindness. Something out of the ordinary can be super motivating and keep your kids engaged and interested in helping out. 

Make it a team effort

Work alongside your kids or make it a family activity to complete the chore. Work in teams, make it a friendly family competition or just have some laughs while getting things done. See who can finish their tasks first.

Having a little bit of fun with how you give your kids chores can make a big difference in how they perceive chores. And while they're busy helping out, they also learn essential life skills they will carry into adulthood. So, put on that music, set a timer, and let's get some chores done!

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