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For parents

Our Parent App provides you with a complete view of all your kids’ finances, lets you set pocket money, oversee savings goals, track spending, instantly transfer funds and lock cards.
For kids

With their own app and card, your kids will learn by doing - with a safety net. Spriggy builds responsible and independent kids by developing skills like earning, saving and spending.
For families

Spriggy is for your whole family. Easily add your partner, co-parent or grandparent to your family account and let them contribute to your kids Spriggy experience.

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Build skills for life

Pocket Money and Jobs

Giving your kids regular money plays an important role in building essential skills like budgeting. Include jobs if you want to, to make it like the ‘real-world’.
  • Create automatic pocket money payments

  • Set jobs for the kids - paid or unpaid

  • Send instant transfers in an emergency

Savings and Goals

Teaching our children to save now, pay later is so valuable to keep them out of the debt so many Aussies find themselves in today.
  • Set as many visual savings goals as you want

  • Keep track of progress

  • Complete goals to unlock money

Responsible spending

Learning how to make good spending decisions takes time... we all know that. Your kids will make mistakes, that’s how we learn. Let them learn young, with your guidance.
  • Get real-time spend notifications

  • View a detailed transaction history

  • Be protected with merchant restrictions

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Relax, your kids can’t buy from places they shouldn’t.
Lock cards

Instantly lock and unlock your card anywhere, any time.

Debt? Not here. Kids can only spend what’s on their card.

Let your kids pay their own way

Choose from our awesome selection of over 20 card designs to get your kids excited about managing their own money. With Spriggy you can use your mobile or watch by connecting Apple Pay™ or Google Pay™.

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Not sure how much pocket money to pay your kids?

We’ve got all the answers to your pocket money questions.
  • How much should I pay my kids?

  • How often should I pay them?

  • How should they earn it?

  • What should they do with it?

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