Turn pocket money into practical life lessons

Spriggy is Pocket Money. Updated. The unique parent app makes managing pocket money simple, while giving you full visibility and parental controls. The child app and prepaid Visa card empower them to be responsible and independent.

Join 1,000s of Australians teaching their kids good money habits.

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How it works


For Parents

The Spriggy parent app gives you a complete view of all your kids, lets you set pocket money, oversee savings goals, track spending and instantly transfer funds or lock cards in an emergency.

For Kids

Spriggy builds responsibility and independence in your children. The child app helps teach kids aged 6-17 to make better decisions with their own money. While encouraged to use their visual savings goals, kids learn how to balance earning, saving and spending from when they first engage with money.

Life's best financial lessons are taught, practically, at a young age.

Providing your kids with the ability to experience and learn the basic principles of money management such as budgeting, saving, and spending wisely which are invaluable throughout their life.

The Spriggy service allows your kids to develop these skills and make better decisions all while under your complete control.


Safer and more convenient than cash

Cash can be lost, stolen or just hard to find. A Spriggy card has your child's name on it and can be instantly shut off from your phone instantly.

  • Cards are personalised with your child’s name embossed on the front.

  • Prepaid, so you can only spend what you load. No credit or bad debt here.

  • Instantly lock the card if it’s lost or stolen.

  • Utilise the power of Visa to enable them to shop where they want - in store, online and in the app store.

  • Cards can’t be used at stores that provide goods and services kids shouldn’t have access to. For example alcohol, tobacco and gambling.

Free 30 Day Trial

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Our free 30 day trial allows you and your family to experience all the benefits of Spriggy with no risk. At the end of your trial, if you are happy, your membership fees are billed - to the parent, not the child.