Easy for you.
Powerful for your kids.

Spriggy is much more than a simple bank account or digital piggy bank. It’s a tool to prepare your kids through practical experience, all under your watchful eye.

  • There's a digital account for you, the Parent Wallet, and a Spriggy account for each of your children.

  • Manage all your kids through our simple phone app.

  • Kids get their own app and personalised prepaid card to manage saving and spending.

  • Only the money on the card can be spent, there’s no danger of debt.

Get set up without ever visiting a bank

Create a Spriggy account online. It only takes two minutes and you get a free 30-day trial.

Receive your Spriggy cards in the mail and download the Spriggy app.

Complete the setup tasks to activate your free trial.

Instantly transfer pocket money to your kids.

Relax as they begin to learn the value of money, saving, and thoughtful spending all under your watchful eye.

Spriggy is an Australian business, fully independent from the banks. We are on a mission to help raise financial literacy in Australian kids. Learn more about why Spriggy exists.

An app for everyone

For Parents

The Spriggy parent app gives you a complete view of all your kids, lets you set pocket money, oversee savings goals, track spending and instantly transfer funds or lock cards in an emergency.

For Kids

Spriggy builds responsibility and independence in your children. The child app helps teach kids aged 6-17 to make better decisions with their own money. While encouraged to use their visual savings goals, kids learn how to balance earning, saving and spending every time they engage with money.

The Basics of Using Spriggy

Help your children learn as they go

With full visibility of spending and saving in real time, you can help your kids understand the impact of their decisions. Using these moment to discuss their habits helps develop their financial skills.

Give Pocket Money

Parents are all unique and so is the way we want to handle pocket money with our little ones. With Spriggy, you can manage pocket money the way you like. Create automatic payments or make one off transfers.

Managing regular pocket money allows your kids to build important skills such as budgeting to the next pocket money day, that money doesn't grow on trees and often creative ways to earn.

All funds are stored in the Parent Wallet, that only the parent has access to. The Parent Wallet is connected to a debit or bank account of your choice.

  • No risk of cash getting lost

  • Give money instantly in an emergency

  • Chores or no chores - it’s up to you

  • No need to search for cash again

  • Don’t miss pocket money day with auto transfer

“I got nervous giving him cash, his card I can monitor it, lock it if lost. It’s honestly been great for him - and me.” - Amy

Create savings goals

Saving is one of the best gifts you can give your children. With Spriggy, your kids can create saving goals in the child app, or with your guidance. Visually creating and tracking goals helps them to build vital skills such as delayed gratification and a foundation that does not reply on bad debt options such as credit cards. Now, doesn’t that sounds great.

My daughter and I love Spriggy it gives her the opportunity to manage her money electronically whilst I can teach her about savings and setting goals. She gets to see for herself the savings she is achieving.” - Leanne

Thoughtful spending

We can’t stop spending, it’s part of everyday life, but we can make it more thoughtful for your kids, and less stressful for you. Tracking your kids spending is easy in the Spriggy app for both your kids and you. Visibility and reflection on their spending is an important tool in building thoughtful spending.

No more borrowing your card or large unexpected bills. With the power of VISA, your children can spend their own money, where they want to; online, in the app store and in-store with Visa Paywave.

  • Make it real with their own money

  • Lock cards for a financial grounding

  • We learn best by doing

  • All under your watchful eye

  • No more lost cash

I'm loving Spriggy for my children. It's making them so aware with their finances. Also gives me leverage as a parent... It's teaching them control and responsibility.” - Glenda

Choose a pocket money card your kids will love

Spriggy Classic and Black are prepaid and personalised for your kids.

Black Card
Blue Card
Free 30 Day Trial

Try Spriggy for free

Our free 30 day trial allows you and your family to experience all the benefits of Spriggy with no risk. At the end of your trial, if you are happy, your membership fees are billed - to the parent, not the child.